Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The wind chimes are today very calm
They wait for the breeze
They are bound in their freedom
The wind chimes want to resound

The book rests today very solemn
It waits for the student
It is bound by its freedom
The book wants to be held and read

The football sits today very uneasy 
It waits for the kid
It is bound in its freedom
The football wants to bounce

Why do we think of freedom as all that we want
When we are actually waiting for our purpose
When are bound by the purpose which defines us
We all want to achieve and accomplish something 

And that makes us free

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pune Bomb Blast... Pray for the departed and the injured

I got a shock when i was about to leave for a party and i saw the news about the blast in Pune. It was a refresher again for the common man in India, to say how we are not secure at all. I have full right to put the blame of this debacle on Shiv Sena also, simply because of the violence they provoked the police were busy patrolling the cinemas than the roads and general establishments. Having said that Me and my Dearest Friend Adolf had a nice chat about this. I thought I would post it in here for every one to see.

Abhilash Menon Blast in German Bakery in Pune, Koregaon Park, near Osho ashram... Pray for the departed and ones in the hospital...
Adolf Dsouza
abhi we do pray but how long this will continue ?r we so weak that we get indulge in films n politics n totally forget about defending our country ?old men and PHD graduates should hv no role in politics n national affaris ... bcoz that blood never boils ...in ancient india such men were called pandits n the king n warriors were always Kshatriyas ...it is we who must take over ... as sometimes war is necessary for peace .... no man can b friends with someone who comes n teases his mother, wife or sister....we must rise as old men will do nothing except talking n more ppl will die ...
Abhilash Menon
I agree that our politicians are thinking only about the stuff that will grab attention of the public for votes and nothing else... if police were not out there patrolling the cinemas they could have looked at other things... Not to say that the police are even more lethargic... (not every police officer i would say)... but security is too much of a precious issue to be sidelined by these incompetent idiots...about the issue of who is governing us. I think currently about 70% of the people sitting on chairs are worthy and are doing their job... but the rest need to be thrown out... Security needs to be increased... intelligence for the security needs to be increased... we need people who are willing to forego bribes for the benefit of India. Having worked in India, I know that everything works with a caveat in the beginning and in the end... and this is really the crux of the issue. There needs to be a drastic change in the nature of peoples behaviour to have these changes....And my dear friend Addie.... Unfortunately... I have no faith that this will happen soon... Not in the near future... not for some time at least... I need a future where i can confidently tell my kids to go play in the park and go to a cinema or go to a simple bakery.... But the time may not be soon... not too soon..

God Bless....