Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quest for my Ideal MBA...

It wasn't long ago when i was combing the carpets for the best blogs online to find information on the MBA that i wanted to pursue. I had to research everything, every small article written in the most obscure newspapers, every comment on every MBA social networks, every blog that had anything to do with how to select the best MBA and the blogs that wrote on the MBAs that i was interested in. Now that people who know me, know that i am headed towards Judge Business School for my MBA, have asked me numerous questions on this quest.

So i thought i would write a series of blogs on this quest of mine and what i learnt. So if any of you want to do an MBA in the future, i would like to help you out and hope this blog benefits you.

Step 1: Do you need an MBA...

Its a very simple question... take your time to answer. I know that its become a fad around us to have an MBA irrespective of what your final goals are, and i would tend to agree little to those arguments.

Choosing to do an MBA is a very important step in your career, let alone be the bazooka bursting holes in your pockets, no matter how deep they are. There are a few questions that you should answer to yourself before embarking upon your MBA quest. Before that let me clarify one more thing... I am not a supporter of the MBA right after graduation theory, a bare minimum of 2 years work-ex is my advise. Okay now the questions...

1. Is an MBA going to help me further my position in the organisation i work for?
2. If yes, what kind of MBA is required for the kind of change i intend to have?
3. Do i need a quick MBA decreasing my work absence or am i okay with an extensive course allowing me more networking time?
4. What is it that i want the MBA to teach me? (inshort what are your lacunae you need to work on?)
5. How much am i willing to invest? (mind you... invest not spend)
6. Do i need an international MBA?

These are a few basic questions that you must answer to yourself and have concrete ideas for your future... (there have been people more confused for each answer but still have been super successful MBAs, but they are exceptions) more questions will come up in due course and i shall tackle them as they pop up... but firstly you must have a resounding Yes as an answer to the first question. Because many people mistake lack of skills as a need for an MBA. you may actually need a Masters in say SCM or Manufacturing instead of an MBA to succeed.. so understand why you need an MBA then proceed... i will tell you later why this question needs an emphatic answer...

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